DAEMON Sync – Sync Data from Linux to Android and iOS Devices

Today, we introduce an efficient means of transferring files between your desktop and multiple iOS and Android devices over a wireless network. This nicely-designed synchronization tool is created by the famous DAEMON Tools developers and is called DAEMON Sync. If you haven’t heard about it before now then today is your lucky day.

With DAEMON Sync , you can sync any of the shareable files on your mobile devices with your Linux desktop and even share them within the local wireless network. It features a minimal design User Interface that takes pride in using a lot of whitespace, background color gradients, and bold text.

It comes in two parts, a server which you will mount on your PC, and the mobile app which you will install on your Android and iOS devices.

Unlike most of the apps we write about here, DAEMON Sync is not completely free and open-source. It is free to use, however, and you don’t need a working internet connection to use it since it works with your local network and requires no 3rd-party networks and requires virtually no configuration to set up.

Features in DAEMON Sync

  • Free to use but not open source.
  • Minimal design User Interface.
  • Works with local network and does not require a working internet connection.
  • Bacup files from mobile devices to PC.
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DAEMON Sync is more of a backup tool than a sync tool because it instead of constantly checking for file differences to sync across, it makes use of configurable time intervals. Of course, you can set it to sync only when you initiate the process.

Download DAEMON Sync for Linux

Remember that it’s the server you download for your desktop. You can install DAEMON Sync on your smartphone via your preferred app stores.

Are you familiar with DAEMON Sync? Tell us about your experience and feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section.

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